About us


  • Leadership: We believe in the ability to inspire others, dream and turn our dreams into reality, generate passion and energy in everything we do and transmit it to the people around us to achieve a common goal.
  • Teamwork: Those of us who work at ARES DEVELOPMENTS are united, focused and understanding of the same objective, capable of carrying out the desired task with collaboration and partnership. 
  • Responsibility: We are aware of the importance of our work overtime, with the conditions established for our clients, the development of other interest groups and the care of the environment. 
  • Belonging: As collaborators proud to belong to this organisation as interest groups, we inspire the best for the constant growth of the company and the affected communities. 
  • Transparency: We carry out our operations and activities with safety, rectitude, honesty and reliability.
Leadership, teamwork, responsibility, belonging, and transparency are characteristics that distinguish and differentiate us. In the ARES DEVELOPMENTS team, we believe in the ability to inspire and turn dreams into reality with a commitment to community growth and care for the environment.


Based on loyalty, respect, productivity, honesty and a positive, respectful and dynamic attitude, we build the distinctive values of our business DNA. It is our commitment to defend what we believe and whom we believe in to ensure the sustainability and evolution of the company and each of us.


It is our commitment to defend what we believe and in whom we believe.


We base our action on right treatment between employees and managers, and equality between colleagues.


In this way, we ensure the sustainability and evolution of the company.


Our commitment to the exercise of decency, decorum, prudence and justice for ourselves and others.


This is the hallmark that makes us different from others. A positive, constructive, respectful and dynamic attitude is our company DNA, distinguished by those who trust us.

Quinto Group

We are a group that develops its activity, in the field of promotion, developing and managing urban projects.

A multidisciplinary group of companies with professional experts in their field, with the same objective, to offer a comprehensive and specialised response in all areas where it operates.

A team with a working model focused on quality, excellence and commitment to each project as if it were unique.

For our investors, we analyse the market and the needs of each operation. We combine our knowledge as experience group, to provide services that are not only focused on the excellence and quality of a product but also its results.


Ares are professionals who develop and build real estate projects all over the Costa del Sol, committed to excellence in each of its areas.

We have a highly qualified staff and a team of experts in project management. Architects, technical architects, engineers. Project managers, analysts, graduates in business administration, economics and marketing team. Communication and a labour department with the best quality labour on the whole Costa del Sol.


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