We implement Lean Construction methodology

The lean methodology in construction is a reflection of the concern to improve the efficiency of processes in all types of companies.

The foundations of this methodology based on the integrated production and management system that emerged from the Japanese company Toyota.

One of the principles of this approach is to minimise losses during projects, increasing productivity in each part of the process.

The two basic concepts of the Toyota Production System (TPS) are «jidoka» and «Just-In-Time». Jidoka refers to the ability of the equipment to detect a problem. That is how we avoid defective products.

Just-In-Time» refers to improving productivity by doing what is needed, when it is required, and in the required amount.

How does the lean methodology translate into construction?

With this methodology, the process of construction and operation of the project is designed together. Thus, all the work is structured on strategies to reduce losses during construction. Besides, both the planning and the control system are processes that are measured to be improved.

The lean methodology in construction is also known as lossless construction. The final objective: to reduce as much as possible the time invested in actions that do not the product to the absolute value. Some examples of these losses would be:

– Waiting due to lack of equipment or materials.
– Delays for activities that are poorly executed.
– Unnecessary travel due to lack of resources and inadequate site planning.


This sustainability in real estate projects is translated into thinking, designing and building high-performance projects to mitigate climate change, guarantee the well-being of communities: present and future, and ensure the care of the environment

Home Automation

Domotics is the set of technologies applied to the control and intelligent automation of the home, which allows efficient management of the use of energy, which provides security and comfort, as well as communication between the user and the system. The domotic control of a home allows monitoring and optimising the overall energy consumption.

Smart Buildings

Smart Buildings are those whose installations and systems (air conditioning, lighting, electricity, security, telecommunications, multimedia, I.T., access control.) allow for integrated and automated management and control, to increase energy efficiency, safety, usability and accessibility.


Luxury has gone from being a concept to being an experience.

Development based on this unique experience from design to the most subtle details.

Homes where contemporary architecture and minimalist design prevail. With integrated technology, simplicity and top quality materials.